6 Tips to Create Innovative Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories are one of the most powerful marketing tools, which reach over 400 million users a day and a third of the most viewed stories are from brands and businesses. It is a fun and engaging medium on which you can start advertising. It supports various photo formats and ad videos. And the stories are short enough and engaging enough to grab the attention of viewers.

So if you’re not already tapping into Instagram Stories ads and incorporating them into your marketing strategy, now is the time to create your Instagram ads!!! Here are the ultimate tips to guide your needs to know about creating innovative Instagram Stories ads.

How to Create an innovative Instagram Stories Ads:

To create a successful Instagram ad that stands out from the competition, follow these essential points:

#Plan your Ad Design

Keep in mind that users have the option to ignore Instagram Stories ads, so the image or video you use in your ad should immediately grab the viewer’s attention. To design your ad, you can either work with a professional designer or an advertising agency that understands the platform or use visual design tools to create the ad by yourself.

If you choose to use only one image for your ad, be sure to start with high quality visuals. Then write a simple but powerful text in it. An image ad will not last more than 10 seconds, so your message should be clear. Let people know what your business is and what you can do for them.

While making an Instagram Stories advertisement, make certain to utilize a connection with video or high-quality image with a simple CTA. Remember that you only have a few milliseconds to establish a connection with the user.

The recommended image size to create an Instagram ad is 1080 x 1920 and an aspect ratio of 9:16.

If you prefer to use a video rather than a picture, make sure your video is in.MOV, .MP4 or.GIF format and is no longer than 15 seconds. It can reach 2.3 GB and the resolution must be at least 720p. Note that you cannot use standalone text such as titles, descriptions, messages, and other captions.

Once you have the final image or video that you plan to use in your ad, you are ready to create your Instagram Stories campaign. 

# The Most crucial first few seconds

An initial couple of moments of your Instagram Story ads is urgent for catching and keeping up your crowd’s consideration. An investigation found that brands are losing about 20% of their crowd constantly casing of their Stories. This implies it’s significant that your Story advertisements stand apart considerably more than natural Stories posts and enamor your crowd in a flash.

Clients are more averse to skip Story advertisements that are outwardly engaging right from the beginning. Examination with hues, text styles, and symbolism that would interest your intended interest group.

# Increased engagement carousel Ads

With carousel ad promotions for Stories, you can incorporate up to three “cards” in your advertisement. Each card can be a picture, 15-second video, or blended media. They are best for indicating numerous items or sequenced stories.

Numerous brands are utilizing carousel advertisements on Instagram Stories to keep clients connected with and take advantage of their promotion time.

# Video Instagram Stories ads get more attention

When it comes to promoting via web-based networking media, initial introductions are everything. Also, via social media, the video holds our consideration multiple times in excess of a picture.

Utilizing a video promotion gives you more opportunity to get your pitch over, fifteen seconds to be definite, versus the five seconds of a picture. Those fifteen seconds are your opportunity to

show your item, with visuals that make clients giggle, or if nothing else goes, “what am I viewing?”

Nowadays so many brands use these video promotions for their Instagram stories ads to engage their audience. In the following Instagram stories ads, they attract the audience with more attractions.

brands using Instagram stories ads

#Maintain brand visibility

The general purpose of making Instagram Story promotions is to acquaint more individuals with your image and its items. So it won’t bode well if individuals see your promotion however don’t realize which brand it’s from. Ensure your image logo is unmistakably obvious. This implies guaranteeing that no other plan components are discouraging or diverting from the brand logo at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Moreover, there are a couple of alternatives to feature your image name and guarantee better brand visibility in your Instagram Stories advertisements:

Overlay your image name or logo without deterring different components

Concentrate on your item, particularly in the event that it has your image name as well as the logo on it

Choose insignificant hues, text styles and structural components with the goal that your image name sticks out.

Here you can understand how brand visibility is important to reach the audience.

Increase brand visibility with Instagram

#Position your content strategically

As you all know we have a limited space to content in Instagram stories ad. While keeping your messages short takes care of half of this issue, your content situation is similarly significant. You can’t simply toss your content around anyplace on the screen and trust in the best. You need to ensure it’s noticeably obvious without obstructing other elements.

It’s ideal to include your content over a void area so individuals don’t miss it. While this isn’t constantly conceivable, ensure you pick profoundly decipherable textual styles regardless of whether you’re setting your content over other visual components.

content position Instagram

You can include it on the screen or towards your “Swipe Up” interface on the off chance that you need to draw individuals from the “Sponsored” tag at the top. In the event that you just have a blank area at the highest point of the screen, ensure your content isn’t excessively near the “Sponsored” tag.

#Always include a call to action

A Call to action can be set for a Stories advertisement before you publish. Instagram gives a few CTA choices, for example, “swipe up,” “learn more” or “shop now.”

The Instagram CTAs have marked catches that aren’t also diverting or gaudy. They are an extraordinary method to urge clients to make a move when they land on your promotion.

CTA is a key engagement tool that can boost the number of clicks, and sales, generated by your ad.

call to action Instagram CTAs

In the above screenshot, you can see the call to action button – sign up.

Last but not the least, Don’t fail to monitor your ad performance in an Instagram analytics tool to track how well your ads are performing in social media platforms.


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